van phong khuon duy tan

Consultant, Concept Design, Product Design

At Duy Tan we have our own product design department with innovative ideas and design capabilities, ensuring functions and industry standards. We provide solutions for designing, shaping plastic products, making molds based on customer’s ideas, plastic product prototypes, product images or 2D, 3D files provided by customers. Make sure to meet the requirements of:

Aesthetics Quality
Product weight​ Mechanical properties
Production conditions Legal requirements
Product features Packaging/stacking/delivery requirements

mo phong moldflow

Moldflow Simulation

We apply Autodesk Moldflow software to perform simulation operation before making molds, predict risks, thereby minimize possible risks of surface, warping, size shrinkage, … .to have a pre-design correction to help reduce repair costs and ensure mold making schedule and schedule.
thiet ke khuon

Mold design and manufacture

We have more than 20 years of experience in mold making, with experts in this fields and a core team in design, programming, research and development. The softwares we are using

Pro Creo AutoCAD
Unigraphics Mold Flow Analysis
Hyper Mill

We provide to customer the optimal mold to maximize efficiency in production but high durability

san xuat khuon mau

Pilot mold

For complex molds or new customer ideas we use a pilot mold before actual production, the pilot mold is manufactured and custom-calibrated to help us detect the problems as well as eliminate potential problems, ensure the actual mold is produced according to the plan and allow the customer to evaluate the actual product.
he thong hot runner

Hot runner design and manufacture

With over 10 years in research and development in Hot Runner technology, we produce the hot runner that makes injection molding systems get a stable operation, excellent cavity-to-cavity balance, improve product quality, reduce materials, optimizing costs for the customers. Our hot runner system is applied to molds up to 48 cavities, with sequential valve application for other complex products and other technologies.
sua chua khuon

Mold maintenance and repair

Throughout the life of the mold, Duytan Mold commits to support you in warranty and maintenance with the following services including:

Test Replacement of spare parts
Technical diagnosis Calibration
Maintenance Overhaul

do kiem chi tiet

Mold quality control and mechanical measurement devices

Our quality control department is provided with testing equipment, including: CMM Mitutoyo, Mitutoyo QM, RASN hardness tester, optical sensor, microscope, etc., ensuring that the work pieces are released with the highest quality in accordance with the Company’s motto “Precision In Every Detail”
san xuat phoi pet

Mold trial and Evaluate

Mold trial helps us detect and prevent issue in actual production, make sure the final product meets all the customer requirements.