About us


Duytan Precision Mold Co., Ltd, former Mold-Mechanical Department of Duytan Plastic Group, is well known for over 25 years of experience in plastic mold industry. Thanks to innovation and continuous development, in April 2017, the company was officially established, covering an area of 8,250 m2 and having over 180 enthusiastic officers and employees. With the motto of 鈥淧recision In Every Detail鈥, we are committed to delivering the precise, qualified, high-speed and durable mold systems and adding more value to products, ensuring the progress as scheduled.

khuon chinh xac duy tan



聽 By 2025, become the local and Southeast Asia leading mold maker.


Manufacture high quality molds and dedicated services to customers, associate with the environmental and community protection, high OSHE guarantee for workers.


Precision – Creativeness – Speed – Responsibility – Quality

Provide comprehensive solutions and transparent warranty policies

The comprehensive mold solutions are provided by Duy Tan Precision Mold.聽 Your project is developed from very beginning and throughout the mold life, including following services:

  • Consultant, Concept Design, Product Design.
  • Mold Design, Precise Manufacturing
  • Product Simulation.
  • Measurement, Testing.
  • Mold repair/ Overhaul/ Calibration.
  • Hot runner system.

Along with the commitment to always accompany and support the business throughout the product life cycle with a specific warranty policy such as inspection, equipment maintenance, spare parts replacement, detailed correction when problems occur.

khuon chinh xac duy tan

Experienced human resources

Our human resources are characterized by leaders as the leading and well-trained experts from the international organizations and employee teams with reliable background, available to satisfy all customer requirements on product design, production and quality. During cooperation, our engineers will help you verify the information and develop the optimal recommendations.

  • Advisor to renovate products.
  • Directly communicate with designer.
  • Release quotation and advice about mold production.
  • Update schedule-based production conditions.

Quality Policy - Rigorous Quality Control Process

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certificate

Our product quality and customer-center development orientation is always embraced. The engineers know how to create the production breakthrough to the highest satisfaction of the customer. The rigorous quality control procedures, steps, comprehensive quality tests are applied at every production phase to ensure offering you with the best products.

ISO 14001:2015 Environment Certificate

We are highly aware of environment in any material aspect through daily actions and strategic decisions. Energy minimization and environmental protection recommendations are always considered and initiated. Wastes are well controlled to save the plastics and optimize the values offered to the customers.

ISO 45001:2018 Safety Certificate

Employees are the valuable property of the enterprise. In order to provide the best working environment to engineers, Duy Tan Precision Mold ceaselessly improves, mitigates the occupational accidents and offers the safe and healthy working environment to our members.